Turbo Shaker and Fitness

We hear from many fitness enthusiasts excited to share their experience with the Turbo Shaker bottle.

Angie Christine, of TuffPhit.com, recently posted a great review of the Turbo Shaker. She was introduced to the Turbo Shaker blender while attending the Arnold Expo in March. In addition to its use as a protein powder mixer, she personally saw the benefit of using the Turbo Shaker to make scrambled eggs. As she puts it, “simply crack your eggs and shake.”

Angie shares her personal story about weight gain, a battle against breast cancer, and her commitment to staying healthy and fit on her blog. She is truly an inspiration and a shining example of the benefits of a positive attitude.

We thank Angie for sharing her successes with the Turbo Shaker and enjoy following her fitness journey through her Tuff Phit blog.