How It Works

The Turbo Shaker bottle utilizes high quality plastic and patented “fin technology,” no other shaker blender bottle even comes close.

Manufactured from medical grade plastic, the Sublime Turbo Shaker is not only BPA and Phthalate free, but also one of the most durable shakers on the market. With a space age polymer on the inside of the shake, clean up is a snap. Simply rinse and put in your dishwasher or hand wash and get ready for your next use.

Fin Tehnology

Fin Technology

Vortex The patented design of the TurboShaker® makes quick work of blending without the need of a motor or extra parts.

The TurboShaker® is powered by its patented “fins” located at the bottom of the shaker and on the lid. These “fins” allow you to mix contents thoroughly and evenly. Even thick batters, yogurt, and peanut butter are no match for the powerful TurboShaker®.

Leak-Proof Lid

The TurboShaker has been redesigned with a leak-proof screw top lid. This new design makes the TurboShaker an ideal blender cup for mixing. The added drinking spout with rubber stopper allows you to easily drink or pour directly from the shaker cup.

Easy Clean-Up

Clean up is easier than any other shaker thanks to the space age polymer coating on the interior of the cup. Simply rinse the TurboShaker® and put it in the dishwasher or quickly hand wash for your next use.

While other shaker cups and blenders require disassembly, soaking, and extensive cleaning, the TurboShaker® has no moving parts; simply the cup and the lid. TurboShaker® is manufactured from medical grade plastic that assures a tight seal every time.


The Turbo Shaker bottle is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle. Weighing only 3oz, you can throw it in your gym bag, put it in an overnight bag, bring it to work, or even take it to a party. The Turbo Shaker fits nicely in your cup holder and has a capacity of 28oz, making it an ideal travel cup.

Buy your BPA and Phthalate free TurboShaker bottle blender now, and see how effectively this shaker cup works for you.