About Us

As sports enthusiasts and nutritionally conscientious athletes, we often prepared protein shakes after workouts. However, the drinks were consistently clumpy and messy. Then, we stumbled upon the Turbo Shaker at a local retail store. It was being marketed as a salad dressing shaker, but we believed it would be great for our powdered nutritional drinks.

The Turbo Shaker proved to be the perfect hand held blender for mixing powdered protein shakes. The shaker bottle’s fin technology made it easy to thoroughly blend all of the ingredients. After initially sharing our find with friends at the gym, we began marketing the Turbo Shaker through our sports nutrition distribution business.

Working directly with the manufacturer, we obtained distribution for the Turbo Shaker, which we also sell directly to our customers. Since our discovery of the Turbo Shaker in 1993, the brand awareness of the Turbo Shaker among the fitness market steadily grew.

In 2009, Active Ventures Unlimited, LLC was formed to import, market and distribute the Turbo Shaker exclusively for the US market. We now proudly ship to our loyal customers in Canada.

Devoting the last few years to growing the Turbo Shaker brand, and cultivating a loyal customer base of Turbo Shaker enthusiasts, has been a rewarding experience. Our mission is to have at least one Turbo Shaker in every household!

Beyond the protein shake, the Turbo Shaker can be used to scramble eggs, mix margaritas and Long Island iced teas, blend chocolate milk and Jell-O for the kids, and even prepare pancakes and batters.

It’s all about the fins!