No moving parts, compartments, balls or screens: see why everything else is just another cup


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From mixing up nutritional shakes to blending the perfect pancake batter and everything in-between
TurboShaker Sublime Series

Recent Review of the Turbo Shaker

We believe in the Turbo Shaker, and are quite proud of its fin technology, however, it’s always nice to hear what other’s have to say about our shaker bottle. Derek Howes, an NCAA accredited personal trainer, and publisher of the blog site  I Was Lazy, recently reviewed the Turbo Shaker. He tested it by making pancake […]

Benefits of Fitness

Fitness Benefits

Building the relationship with fitness and health has become a national movement directed towards our youth. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness recommends 30 minutes of physical activity each day. In its effort to encourage an active and healthy youth, and reverse the trend of childhood obesity, the NFL promotes their NFL Play 60 campaign. They encourage kids to stay […]

Protein Powders

Mixing Protein Powders

Are you new to the whole protein powder supplement routine? If so, you’re most likely struggling with mixing protein powders. You’ve tried mixing in a cup with a spoon? How’d that turn out? Clumpy? Yes, we know from experience. Protein Powders First of all, congratulation. Protein powders are ideal for post-workout recovery. Experts agree that […]


Turbo Shaker and Fitness

We hear from many fitness enthusiasts excited to share their experience with the Turbo Shaker bottle. Angie Christine, of, recently posted a great review of the Turbo Shaker. She was introduced to the Turbo Shaker blender while attending the Arnold Expo in March. In addition to its use as a protein powder mixer, she personally saw the benefit […]